2% service charge – another victim

Anuj Srivastava, am bringing back the discussion that you started on Facebook almost a couple of months back. Yesterday, we got the Yeti serviced by Gurudev Motors in Chennai at their Arumbakkam service centre. First, the service coordinator never called us back to confirm when we should collect the car. Then, Krishnan called him when we were half way to the service centre and was told the car will be ready only by 6 pm.

We used the extra time to meet Subbu and Ravi and went around 6.20 pm to collect the car. The service coordinator had left and the others who were there helped us with the billing and getting the car. As the bill was nearly Rs. 17000/- we wanted to pay by credit card and the 2% service charge issue came up. We tried telling the person that its incorrect and he cannot charge the 2% and we heard the same rejoinder – “sir, you can pay by cash”. Krishnan told him that we don’t run around with Rs. 17000 in cash. They then told us to speak to the bank, in this case HDFC.

Like many other customers we were hard pressed for time so we paid up and paid the 2%, but am going back in the next day or two and showing this RBI circular. Like this other harassed customer, this isn’t about how much money is involved but a question of following rules and ethics.

Here’s the link from the other harassed customer – The 2% credit/debit card fraud. http://jeba.in/2013/12/30/the-2-creditdebit-card-fraud/comment-page-1/.

Please share similar experiences and thanks Allwin Samuel Jeba for posting this blog. Lets not allow the stores to wrongly charge us, the customers !!


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