Daily Gratitude

Oprah on Gratitude

What are you grateful for today ? Am grateful to have developed the habit of reading !


Book Review – Persuader

After reading “A Gentleman in Moscow” and re-reading “Rebecca”, I had a reading lull for nearly a week. I would start a book and read a few pages, then go to another book, repeat the process :). Finally I decided to get a Jack Reacher novel so that it brings me back to my reading … Read more Book Review – Persuader

Book Review #21/50 – A case of need

For the past few weeks I haven’t been able to read any book and the best way to get back to reading was to start with a novel. I was browsing the Kindle Unlimited options and found a Michael Crichton. I have definitely read a Michael Crichton novel before but am unable to remember which … Read more Book Review #21/50 – A case of need

Book Review – One Hundred years of solitude

I started to read this masterpiece by Gabriel Garcia Marquez a couple of years back and never went past the first 20 pages for some strange reason. I picked it up again at Laos and this time completed reading it. I underlined so many things that my notes alone would probably run into several pages … Read more Book Review – One Hundred years of solitude