Reading Every Day !

Note : Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Koo, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram posts and messages don’t count as reading. 😁

I read some book every single day… Rarely would there be a day when I haven’t read some book. Sometimes the self help and other books are difficult to read as they lead to self introspection and new perspectives. So I would start a fiction book along with them, and read a few pages of each. That way I stay involved in both.

Why Experts Say Reading Books Should Be on Your Daily To-Do List

The article above talks of three things that reading does –

  1. Reading Fiction Changes you – It does. I knew about cities and countries without stepping foot into them. When I first stepped into New York or London, it was like I was going there for the second time. Fiction while being a product of the author’s imagination, still provides a lot of information. For instance every book of Arthur Hailey helps you understand different industries – TV news (The Evening News), Hospitality (Hotel), Pharma (Strong Medicine) etc. Some of my all time favourite fiction books are Never Love a Stranger, The Second Lady, Thornbirds, Ponniyin Selvan series, Sivakamiyin Sabatham series, Aavarana, The Kite Runner, The Grapes of Wrath, All the Jack Reacher novels etc.
  2. Reading helps you succeed in business – all business leaders and corporate honchos are avid readers. Whether it’s Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Late Jack Welch or Ratan Tata, the common factor is that they read books. You can read books about them to learn how to succeed !!
  3. Reading can turn you into an expert – You want to learn about any new topic, reading books on that topic will help you become an expert. All the self help books, the “dummies” series, the encyclopaedias will help you become an expert.

The following quote sums up book worms like Krishnan and I –

Reading Books
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Our lives have been shaped by books. Whether it’s Og Mandino or Stephen Covey or Tony Robbins or Napoleon Hill, or much later Angela Duckworth we have learnt so much by reading their books. We use some concept or the other from these books every single day. I learnt to prioritise from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I learnt that Crisis is Opportunity when written in Chinese from Tony Robbins Unlimited Power. And so it goes on …

Open a book right now and start reading ! There is so much to explore and learn in books.

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