Customer service – a good story !

It happened today and I wanted to make sure I record the good too !!

I had called a Homestay, called Bansi Homestay, in Agra for an upcoming trip. The website didn’t allow me to book, so I sent in an enquiry and also called on the mobile numbers given. I didn’t get through on the landline (fixed) phone and on one of the mobile numbers, but got through on the other one. The person who picked up said, he will have to check and come back to me because one of the days I wanted was not available. I said fine and left my numbers with him.

I forgot all about the promise of a callback and started looking at other options. Today morning around 10 I got a call from Mr. Burman from Bansi Homestay saying he had done the checking and he had a room available for two days out of the three I was looking for. He offered to move me to another property closeby for that one day and then move me back. He even offered to get me a room in his partner property for all three days. While I didn’t take up his offer, I thanked him for getting back to me.

It was such a pleasant experience and it was really nice getting the callback – I will certainly try out their Homestay whenever I can, because of this callback.

Customer service is simple and it’s about doing the basics right – be responsive, be courteous, speak clearly and only promise what’s possible. Simple….

P.s Still awaiting response from an international brand though :):)

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