Jio Jee Bhar Ke !

I have never been a fan of the Ambanis. Krishnan and I were utterly loyal to Hutch which became Vodafone for 15 long years. Then in 2019 we shifted to Jio – Am Ported to Jio 🙂 Since Feb 2019 till today we have never faced a network outage !!! Except inside Daviender’s house in … Read more

Am Ported to Jio :)

I don’t like the Reliance group and I don’t like the Ambani brothers – they haven’t personally affected me in any way but Mukesh Ambani building the “Antilla”, a 27 floor behemoth in the middle of Mumbai just doesn’t work for me. I don’t hold Reliance shares, I bought some briefly and then sold them … Read more