Delhi Police, with you, for you…always…

Not only do they claim but also did it! In our case.

On the 25th of April, while we were returning from our meeting with the founding team at buddy4syudy, we were stopped by the Delhi Traffic Police near Arjangarh metro station close to Delhi’s border with Gurgaon, for overspeeding. 

The traffic police officer not only fined us Rs. 400 for the offence but also took away Bindu’s permanent DL citing Supreme Court orders effective since December 2015. Bindu was told to collect the DL from the RTO office in Gurgaon that had issued her licence after the 90 day period. We were surprised and shocked as we were completely unaware of the new rules. We tried our best to convince the traffic police official about ShikshaDaan and the Yatra but he did not budge. Citing Supreme Court orders. We left for home, disappointed. 

The 90 day period got over by the end of July. As we were told, we went to the RTO office twice in Gurgaon but were told to collect the DL from Delhi traffic police. Yesterday, I wrote a mail to the ACP, DCP and the police inspector detailing our difficulties in getting the DL back. Within an hour of having sent the mail, I not only received a reply by email but also received calls on her mobile, guiding us with the process of getting back the DL from PTS Malviya Nagar. 

This morning we went to PTS Malviya Nagar and got Bindu’s licence within ten minutes. The process was quick and effective. We were very impressed with the way records were kept in safe custody, and the systems and processes in place. The office was very neat and clean. 

When Delhi Police say, ‘With you, for you, ALWAYS’, they mean it! 

A big thank you to the officials and foot soldiers of the Delhi traffic police for their responsiveness!

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