A Yellow WaterMelon

Yellow Watermelon

A couple of weeks back we had ordered Watermelons from Sanesa. They sent us one green watermelon and one yellow watermelon. I was a bit apprehensive about eating it as we have never seen a yellow watermelon. Then I checked with Varun at Sanesa and he said, these watermelons were from their farm and totally … Read more A Yellow WaterMelon

The Birthday Saree – “Air India” Arani Silk Saree

I bought the saree in Jan 2017 a full two years before my 50th birthday at the Cooptex “Festive Weaves” exhibition in Gurgaon. There were two of them.. one in black and one in deep purple. I tried to like the deep purple against my natural affinity for black but then Rao Sir and Venkatesh … Read more The Birthday Saree – “Air India” Arani Silk Saree

Cool Cotton in sweltering heat…

I love all natural fabrics and cotton is just up there in the pecking order after the Kanchipuram silks, for most parts of India are warm and cottons can be worn most of the time. When we moved to Delhi we had the advantage of experiencing winter and summer as two distinct seasons and our … Read more Cool Cotton in sweltering heat…