Cool Cotton in sweltering heat…

I love all natural fabrics and cotton is just up there in the pecking order after the Kanchipuram silks, for most parts of India are warm and cottons can be worn most of the time. When we moved to Delhi we had the advantage of experiencing winter and summer as two distinct seasons and our clothes got aligned accordingly. Have been wearing cottons now for nearly a month, but didn’t manage to arrange my wardrobe till a few days back. I have moved all my silks into the shelves at the back and took out all the cottons.

Some of the saris that I wore in the last few days –

kumaran cotton

I bought this sari at Kumaran stores, Chennai about 5 years back. This is made of pure cotton and has this great design woven. I am not very sure if its handloom or power loom made, I suspect its made on a power loom. The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari, Noida and is amongst the earliest pieces that I picked up from them.

red embroidery sari

This sari is a cotton embroidered sari that I bought at a handloom fair in Bangalore, in 2008. The entire sari has this embroidery and I have forgotten what part of India this is from. The sari feels like its a kasavu but am not sure. The neck piece is made of sea shell beads and my friend Kashiana and her daughter took the beads to a jewellery beading guy and pulled this together as a fun activity :):). Imagine if they were to do this full time. Nisha, this was before Adorjo. Now you can reach out to Kashiana for design ideas.

orissa cotton

I bought this sari at the Baghdogra airport in 2006. Its an Orissa cotton sari that almost shines – its one of the prettiest handloom saris that I have. I had bought a pink and green combination of the same type sari for mom and she wears it regularly. This is super comfortable. The blouse is made of my favourite Khunn material from Pune. The neckpiece is from Jagdamba pearls, Hyderabad.

There are many more cotton saris which will be part of another post shortly. Enjoy these in the mean time. 🙂

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