An Udupi Sari

Yesterday was National Handloom Day while I wore the Puneri fisherwomen Sari, I didn’t click any pictures. I had written about this sari earlier – A cotton, tussar and a Kanchi “Pattu”. I wanted to share about the Udupi sari that I bought from Maanini Vastralaya. They have a FB page and their collection is just … Read more An Udupi Sari


Chennai Walks – The “nighty” life

Amma and I have been walking in the nearby park at Kamakoti Nagar, almost everyday. I have a huge issue with how the park is maintained … its permanently in a state of disarray. The earth is turned out, no grass is allowed to grow. There are cows and stray dogs and their poop all … Read more Chennai Walks – The “nighty” life

The many shades of blue !

Since its a Monday morning and all my friends working in the corporate world will be dressed in some shade of blue I wanted to share my “Monday” dressing too to keep them company. Ok, will share my kinda white too in another post … The American corporate world’s “power dressing” has unfortunately influenced the … Read more The many shades of blue !

Stop.Learn.Buy …a Handloom

Tomorrow is the National Handloom Day. Do celebrate by wearing something thats handwoven – a scarf, a shirt, a kurti, a sari or a dupatta..anything. This post is for novices like me who don’t know much about the different weaving techniques and maybe don’t even know the different weaves of India – there are 120 … Read more Stop.Learn.Buy …a Handloom

Yes, it is Krishnan’s birthday…

So I get to wear a new sari too :):):). I was eagerly waiting to get the sari designed and dyed by Shri Brij Ballabh Udaiwal, an artist who is a national award winner. The sari arrived just in the nick of time on Saturday, so I could release it for Krishnan’s birthday today. We … Read more Yes, it is Krishnan’s birthday…

Many firsts on this birthday !

Overwhelmed is a small word for what I feel today. The wishes have been literally pouring in like the rain in the morning and it feels really nice :). There were several firsts today starting with the first animation movie of our lives. We watched “Kung Fu Panda 3” at the DLF Mega Mall. I … Read more Many firsts on this birthday !