Bird Talk

brown owl on tree branch

Crows sharing secrets and a bulbul trying to say something :). All this happens during our morning walk. A couple of bird pics.

Biscuit eating Birds !

Our living room balcony always has a tray of water for the birds, whether its summers or winters. The pigeons of course are the main visitors but every now and then we get to see other birds, even sparrows. There is a crow that comes early in the morning and demands a biscuit from us. … Read more Biscuit eating Birds !

Parrot or Parakeet ? :)

Since August this year, we have had a family of 5 green parrots (or parakeets) making their way to our neighbour’s balcony. They screech across from the tower opposite ours to the tower that’s adjacent and then more recently two of them have started to sit on the air conditioner in our neighbour’s balcony. I … Read more Parrot or Parakeet ? 🙂

Bird Tales from my balcony

I have always felt that the balconies in all multi-storey condominiums in Gurgaon and probably in other cities as well are largely meant for pigeons to use as their homes, toilets and general play area, in the last few years as construction around our condominium complex has reduced significantly, we have seen other birds make … Read more Bird Tales from my balcony