A Pigeon Queue :):)

We have a tray of water for the birds in the balcony. Its all thanks to Amma, who loves to watch pigeons walking around. I love all birds except pigeons :). I like pigeons as well provided they are far away and don’t poop on my balcony.

With the onset of summers, we have to fill water nearly 15 times during the day. Its really hot. Whats interesting is the birds have a queue system … one drinks, and moves away, then another comes in and so on. Between the different kinds of birds, there is usually a Ladakh like standoff, and mostly the Pigeons win because they are more in number. The other birds then wait for the pigeons to leave before having some water.

Here are the pictures that I took of the Pigeon queue system –

Pigeon drinking water, Myna sitting away
Pigeon 1 has had his fill and the next one is in line 🙂
Aerial survey by Pigeon no. 3
Despite aerial survey, Pigeon 4 tries to break the queue from the ground 🙂
Pigeon 4 wins the spot by breaking the queue and Pigeon 3 gets to the ground and awaits its turn !!


I missed taking pictures of the standoff where a set of three Pigeons managed to push back a lone Myna. Will try tomorrow.

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