A Crisp Winter Morning

What a lovely winter morning !! It was barely touching 20 Deg C, very light fog and just the right atmosphere for the morning walk. In fact I asked Krishnan if I should take out a sweatshirt to wear over our T.Shirts. I love Delhi NCR in the winters just for this kind of weather.

Winter morning in Summer
A crisp Winter morning !

The car dashboard showed the temperature to be 22 Deg C, as we sat down to drink some water and enjoy some music after our walk.

Winter in summer

What ? It’s not the start of winter ? Oh dear, it’s May 2nd …. the start of summer !!

Since April 25th, we have been under the delusion that winters are setting in because the temperature is hovering around 20 to 23 deg C. Somedays it becomes warm during the day but mornings and evenings are quite nice and pleasant.

winter in summer
23 Deg C yesterday in the morning !

I don’t miss the summer not setting in :). I am happy to take this weather right through the year. But the aches and pains remind me that this is unseasonal. At this time, the body is expecting warm weather and this kind of temperature is unexpected. You cannot wear a sweater, you can’t shower in hot water yet the back hurts and the knees require Tiger balm 😁.

Love this weather but just sad that it is unseasonal ….. which is not healthy for the crops or human beings. Enjoying the crisp winter mornings till they last.

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