Ice, sauna, steam

The temperature at Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh right now is 11 deg C… and the place we are at, the temperature is 38 dec C. We drove into Chennai on Saturday and didn’t realise how hot it was till yesterday. It was pleasant on Saturday evening and infact we told Krishnan’s mom that it was so pleasant :):). How wrong we were.

Yesterday was my youngest cousin’s wedding and I wore the traditional Kanchivaram silk saree as did many others .. As long as we sat under a fan it was ok, but the minute we even moved an inch away from the radius of the fan, we were sweating buckets !! Then Amma, Krishnan and I also walked to my other cousin’s house, just 500 meters away – mistake. I couldn’t even remove my blouse to change because it was nearly stuck to me. We made a bigger mistake .. we went out to attend an event that was held in a school auditorium that had a really high roof, but a tin roof. We went in a Meru cab which was about to die and the driver kept the AC vent at the slowest speed available. His car would switch off if we increased the fan speed even by one point. It took every ounce of my sweet nature to hold myself back from whacking him. He was a nice guy really, but in a really sad, bad car. I was cooked, evenly – mentally, physically, spiritually.

I don’t like summers, hot weather, hot and sticky just makes me go nuts. My Chennai friends have to forgive me because I am grumpy enough to not even call.

I miss Himachal even more – next May and June, I want to be far away from this heat to retain my sanity :):). For us this year, it has been nice and cool till the middle of May and then sauna like dry heat in Delhi and finally we are sweating buckets and being in a steam bath in Chennai. Cant wait to leave the city in the next few days, but Krishnan is scaring me with how hot the next destination will be.

I wish it rains …. please.

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