The Birthday Saree – “Air India” Arani Silk Saree

I bought the saree in Jan 2017 a full two years before my 50th birthday at the Cooptex “Festive Weaves” exhibition in Gurgaon. There were two of them.. one in black and one in deep purple. I tried to like the deep purple against my natural affinity for black but then Rao Sir and Venkatesh came around and told me to get the black one and I did just that. The minute I saw this saree, I knew it will be my 50th birthday saree – I just fell in love with it.

The “Air India” saree, neckpiece from Desh Maheshwari

The vertical lines are rising like the wings of an airplane and this is woven by the master weavers at Arani. Here is a detailed description from the Cooptex FB page on how these sarees are woven and how they got their name.

Details about the Air India Saree
The “Air India” saree weavers

While every saree from Cooptex has a small tag mentioning the weaver’s details, this saree did not have it. It must have fallen off somewhere while some of us were checking the sarees out. I am assuming that Mr. Murugesan and his wife Pusparani must have woven this saree and a huge thanks to them for weaving this beauty.

An important note about the Arani and Kanchi Silk Sarees – I wore this black Arani saree in the scorching heat of Aurangabad and didn’t get cooked ! These silk sarees keep you cool in the summers and warm in the winters – I know this from personal experience as I have worn them in the bone chilling winters of Chicago and the scorching heat of Delhi.

So go on, buy yourself a Cooptex handwoven silk saree anytime and wear them anytime. Thanks once again to Mr. Venkatesh Narasimhan for reviving these beauties and making Cooptex what it is today.

I love this “Air India” saree and hope I can in some way help Mr. Murugesan fulfil his dream of taking a flight.


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