Aadi Pathinettam Perukku – Festive season 2020 begins

Pathinettam Perukku

Today is Pathinettam Perukku, the 18th (pathinettu) day of the month of Aadi. Read about its significance and the rice varieties that are made.

Understanding Delhi’s SMOKE Season

The above pictures were sent by a school friend who is refusing to come to Delhi till these numbers come down and the following blog is written by another school friend of mine who doesn’t want to be named … I have good friends 🙂 1. Every year from end Oct to Nov, large plains … Read more

OPOS Thai Green Curry – updated

Krishnan and I love Thai food – especially because its fresh and the curries are spicy. For many years we wrongly believed that the Vegetarian green/red/yellow curry was indeed vegetarian but a few years back we realised that many of the restaurants in India use Shrimp paste anyway as the base for these curries. We … Read more