Leftover Rice Recipes – Risotto

Leftover rice can be transformed into interesting breakfast/lunch ideas. Some of the things that you can make using leftover rice are, Puliyodhare (Tamarind Rice), Coconut Rice, Lemon Rice, Kadamba Satham,Pongal, Khichadi, Tawa Pulao, Chakkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal), and Risotto.

A couple of days back I made Risotto using leftover rice. I pressure baked (OPOS) the following vegetables – Zucchini, Carrot, Bok Choy, and Capsicum with butter instead of oil/ghee. Added some water to dilute it once cooked, added the leftover rice, green olives, Jalapeños, cheese, salt, ginger-garlic paste, chilli flakes, oregano and basil flakes. Mixed it all up really well over medium heat till it became piping hot. Tasted great ! Long back I had made Saffron Risotto ?&*#@, and felt thrilled that I could make it at home. Well now I have made it with leftover rice which is even more fun :):).

Some tips for leftover rice risotto –

  1. The rice you use must be starchy, not separate grains
  2. Smaller sized rice is better, not long grain like Basmati
  3. You can add a little cashew paste along with cheese to add to the taste

Basically Risotto is rice with cheese and either veggies/meat exactly like Kadamba Satham is rice with Sambar and lots of veggies and desiccated coconut ! Replace tamarind water with Cheese and you get Risotto. Add Moong Dal and you can make Pongal and Khichadi. Transforming rice into delicious food items is quite easy once you understand the art of replacing ingredients.

Leftover Rice Risotto
Leftover Rice Risotto


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