Winter Specials

Winter Specials - capsicum

Sharing some of the winter specials that we got to eat at the fag end of the Delhi Winters… missed the sarson-ka-saag by a whisker !!

Capsicum Chutney – Discovery of the week !

I have been following Aruna’s blog for a few years now because she posts awesome vegetarian recipes. A week back I happened to read her post on “Roasted Red Bell Pepper Chutney” and thought of trying it as an accompaniment for vegetable rava idli. The link to Aruna’s recipe is – Ofcourse I modified … Read more

Toasted Chutney Sandwich in a Cooker !

We have a microwave in the room here at Club Mahindra, which has a grill option as well. I tried watching YouTube videos to see how to make a grilled sandwich in the microwave but couldn’t figure it out, so I simply used the Pressure Cooker on the induction stove. We didn’t get the mixer-grinder … Read more