Covid Time is Cooking Time too !!


Learn to cook… its a life skill. Today I made Pongal all by myself. So thrilled !


Batch Processing Groceries

When I worked with Aon Hewitt, I had a team led by Amit Gautam that did “batch processing”. While I understood the work they did, I couldn’t use the concept in my daily life till more recently. For the past three to four months, I have been doing batch processing for replenishing the groceries. Earlier … Read more Batch Processing Groceries

Puliyodharai – a complete meal

A couple of days back I made Puliyodharai, aka Pulihora aka Tamarind rice. Its a speciality of mine and my puliyodharai has been certified by no less than my mother-in-law, whose Puliyodharai was and will always be the best. Till I learnt OPOS, I would use the MTR Puliyodharai powder but the minute I learnt … Read more Puliyodharai – a complete meal

Cook Anywhere.. Thank You OPOS, Induction Stove and AirBnB

This post is specially dedicated to my childhood friend Adeeti… She wanted to know how we manage to travel with our kitchen. This post is also a way of thanking three innovators who made cooking while travelling so easy. With us being vegetarians, these innovations have made it even more easy for us to eat … Read more Cook Anywhere.. Thank You OPOS, Induction Stove and AirBnB

The OPOS life – Easy, Tasty and so much variety

I only cook the OPOS (One Pot One Shot) way everyday. I am constantly thinking of the layers and its almost an auto reflex to think of any recipe in terms of OPOS. Ever since I was introduced to this way of cooking, the variety of food at home has increased manifold. Things like Biriyani, … Read more The OPOS life – Easy, Tasty and so much variety

Same Base, Two different items

When RK spoke of themes in cuisines around the world on the OPOS FB page, it was just knowledge but it hadn’t become an experience yet. The themes idea just got internalised last week. In the past week, I made OPOS VadaKari and OPOS Kothu Paratha. Both are really easy to make and a huge … Read more Same Base, Two different items

Are you easy to help?

Today I made the OPOS Brinji for lunch (will post the recipe in a different blog). Krishnan and Amma were watching the segments of the Tamil Super Singer finals that they had missed. I don’t watch that program except when someone is exceptionally gifted and sings well. Like all singing competitions this one also has … Read more Are you easy to help?