Morning and Evening

Very recently, we have been allowed to walk inside the condo complex early in the morning or late at night, Krishnan and I stepped out today for our walk. I captured a tree with a bird’s nest early in the morning. This is like Nature’s art… so beautiful. Then in the evening I captured the … Read more Morning and Evening

A Beautiful Day & a Stunning Evening

Amma, Krishnan and I were out for our morning walk yesterday and it was a nice crisp morning with a slight cool breeze. Even the pollution levels seemed average. I took a picture as the Sun was reddening the sky …. And then we spotted this long tailed bird and while I managed to take … Read more A Beautiful Day & a Stunning Evening

Eco Walk – Thanks to “I Am Gurgaon” & MCG

The one thing that we miss from our Europe vacation is the ability to walk everywhere … the wide sidewalks, free of litter and dog poop is something we need desperately in India. Mind you, we do have broad sidewalks, and in Gurgaon we also have cycling tracks, but autos and “redi” wallahs take up … Read more Eco Walk – Thanks to “I Am Gurgaon” & MCG

#IncredibleIndia Naldehra Morning

Right now, this is the view we woke up to …. is there any place on Earth more breathtaking than India ? Location – Naldehra, near Shimla Time – 5 am And the forest fire seems to have abated, though there are still small patches that seem to be on fire still. Good Morning folks … Read more #IncredibleIndia Naldehra Morning

A clear evening and a cloudy morning !

The following two pictures are from last evening during a gorgeous Sunset… What a spectacle and the sky looks like a canvas that has been painted over. The following picture is from today morning …. There is a slight fog and the Sun is yet to show up. Exactly how life is … sometimes you … Read more A clear evening and a cloudy morning !

The morning walk stories – Lucknow

Mom and I have been going for our morning walks around the hotel in Lucknow and have come across interesting things everyday. For starters, there are no rules for drivers, vehicles come in all directions. While that is the case in almost every city in India, its heightened here. The roads are wide, atleast in … Read more The morning walk stories – Lucknow