Reliving the 2010 Turkey trip – Day 8, Cappadocia

Sept 12, 2010 – Istanbul to Cappadocia

As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs, we usually travel in September. In 2010, we visited Turkey and just fell in love with the place. This year, the Pandemic has locked us down at home. So I decided to relive our Turkey trip day by day. We reached Istanbul on Sept 5th (Reliving the 2010 Turkey trip – Day 1). The first day of sightseeing was on Sept 6, 2010. Read about it @ Reliving the 2010 Turkey trip – Day 2.

We took the 10.05 flight to Cappadocia, arriving at the Nevsehir airport at 11.20 am. The Mumbai-Istanbul and Istanbul-Nevsehir air travel had been booked by me on Yatra. I had booked the hotels using the RCI holiday exchange with Club Mahindra.

The travel agency had sent a van to pick us up. We reached the hotel Altinoz in about 30 minutes, just in time to have lunch. There was buffet lunch available and we ate lunch before going to our room.

The room in Hotel Altinoz was a regular sized double room, unlike Hotel Zagreb in Istanbul where the room was tiny. The next four days are packed with sight seeing trips, so we took a leisurely nap after lunch and then went out for a walk. I found an ATM in the market place and withdrew some money in the local currency.

Hotel Altinoz is located in one side of a square. All the other three sides have shops. We discovered a dry fruit store on one side and then an ice cream shop that sells Turkish ice cream called “dondurma”. Krishnan and I ate some ice cream and bought a few bottles of “Ayran” (Turkish Lassi) before returning to our room.

I downloaded the pictures from Istanbul onto the HP Netbook. We need to find a good spot with strong wifi to upload the pictures.

Taken from the Trip Advisor app

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