Cat on the fence and a kitten in the tree !

A few days back during our morning walk I caught a cat walking over the fence of our apartment complex and then jumping over the wall.

Cats move so gracefully !! Just watch the 3 second video –

The fence has bars without pointed ends but this cat walks so gracefully over these bars. It’s like a lady walking in stilettos 😊. I stumble even while wearing flats and I have huge admiration for women wearing stilettos.

Our walks offer us interesting photo-ops. We caught a kitten just two days back.

Kitten in the tree

Kitten in the tree

This was a naughty kitten trying to raid a bird’s nest. All the birds were trying to distract it and a crow was trying its best to snatch the egg for itself.

With the lockdown still in force partially, the birds, cats and other wild animals like monkeys are having a run of the place. It’s nice to watch them, particularly the birds, but we have to remember not to interfere with the wild monkeys.

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