Why Husbands struggle in the Kitchen

composition of spoonfuls with various spices for healthy food preparing

The husbands referred to in this post are those who want to help their wives in the Kitchen while having never cooked regularly in their life before.

Butter – not the melting kind, a Pune special

Dearest Appa, This post has to be addressed to you because every time I eat a butter, I remember you and can almost hear you say “they use their feet to mix the dough, and maybe their sweat mixes with it or even worse, their snot”. It still didn’t stop me from loving this crisp … Read more

Thank You, Shalini

Shalini, all your gifts have been thoughtful and much appreciated, but this one is just perfect for a tea lover like me. I finally inaugurated this tea infuser today at our hotel room because in this hotel they don’t let me use the induction stove.  As many of you know, courtesy an ex-colleague Vinay, I … Read more

A letter to Mr. Aiyar

Dear Mr. Aiyar, I don’t know if I can even address you, as I have not studied in St. Stephen’s, I was born in a small nursing home in Tirunelveli, my great grandmother sold Idlis to make ends meet, my father-in-law was just a teacher, my husband didn’t have shoes when he went for his … Read more