Osho Story #11 – Specially for PM Modi

This is a favourite story of mine and I used it a couple of days back during a webinar. I have also used it in a blog a few years back – Love what you do … Or change to what you love Shiva and Parvati along with Nandi, the cow, were walking upto Mount Kailash. … Read more

Allopathy or Ayurveda or ??

Just before we left Gurgaon for Chennai, Krishnan had a severe stomach infection. Whatever he would eat, he would throw up and he was in really bad pain. When we consulted our GP Dr. Nehal Vora, she prescribed some medicines and then when the situation didn’t get better, she asked us to get an ultrasound done … Read more

Why it makes sense to eat with your hands….

Many of us have often wondered, and many even have questioned the reasoning behind eating with our own hands. This morning when I was going through the stories shared on one of my favourite apps Quora, I found an answer to the question. Sounds convincing and hence am choosing to share with everyone. Vedic Wisdom … Read more