Why Husbands struggle in the Kitchen

composition of spoonfuls with various spices for healthy food preparing

The husbands referred to in this post are those who want to help their wives in the Kitchen while having never cooked regularly in their life before.

Yet another one …. and another … and another…

She got raped, killed, allegedly raped again and then burnt … but a minister says, she should have called the police instead of her sister as she was educated ! The people of Hyderabad tried to get hold of the perpetrators as they were “safely” taken by the police to judicial custody. Some trial will … Read more

The Most Disappointing Airport in India ?

…. It shouldn’t be difficult to guess. Every time I have entered this airport, I have either picked a fight during the security check or the boarding gate gets changed at will or the food outlets will not even acknowledge your existence or some alpha male (*&$#@) will strut about letting his wife carry five … Read more

Men will be Men ! Really ?

There are many adverts of Seagrams Imperial blue “Music CDs” that are funny and nice. Here’s the latest one that is currently being aired – Imperial Blue – Shoe Lace. Lovely, isn’t it ? Go on, give it a thumbs up and in your mind just replace the two men with your wife and her friend. … Read more

Why not #MeToo

I stayed away from blogging about the #MeToo movement that started in the US last October with sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, not because it didn’t resonate but because I felt it wouldn’t change anything in Hollywood.. some big names crashed from the pedestal but many others continue living their life like before. There … Read more

When the cat was away, the mice played … Foul

Breaking news – Our great country is run by the unelected Babu .. Did you know that ? If you did you are smart and well informed and may just survive in this jungle. I didn’t know that for a long time. I was naive and thought the elected babus were running our country, not … Read more