Chennai Rains – Nov 11 & 12

See two videos that I shot of the Chennai Rains on Nov 11 & 12. Water logging around T. Nagar didn’t reduce much till the 15th when we left.

“Iruttu Kadai” Poha

Tirunelveli, my birthplace is famous for its “iruttu kadai” halwa. Iruttu means darkness and kadai means shop. There are a series of shops where wheat halwa is made supposedly in darkness or dim light. I guess it’s just a speciality of the place 😊. Today, we just had “iruttu kadai” Poha !! Early morning news … Read more

A Challenge for Wannabe leader Kamal

Whoever was the speech writer for John F Kennedy, did a good job of pulling this quote of his together – Every crisis comes with an opportunity and the Chennai floods of 2015 came with an opportunity and this year’s ongoing rains also present an opportunity. The Chennai floods of 2015 caused untold misery – … Read more