World Bicycle Day 2022 – PedalYatri turns 14


June 3 is the World Bicycle Day and PedalYatri turned 14. A few old memories and several new ones made as we celebrated the PY founding day.

Another 10000 after 7 years ….

On January 11th, 2013 I had posted on Facebook about having completed 10000 kms on my cycle. I was thrilled and so happy that day in Bangalore … 100×100. And then began the slide health wise .. I disliked Bangalore and used that as an excuse to not go riding, not walk or even do yoga … Read more

Germany Day 11&12 – Fined on the tram and a PY reunion

Tuesday Sept 11, 2018 – Frankfurt to Seeheim We packed our bags in such a way that we could leave behind two suitcases at the Frankfurt luggage locker. We were meeting Sachin and Mini at Darmstadt and staying over at their house for the night, so didn’t need all our bags. We took the U-bahn … Read more

Scotland Day 3 & 4 – Swimming, Cycling, Ice Cream and Fireworks!!

Aug 26th (Sun) and Aug 27th (Mon) 2018 – Edinburgh It was completely a chance happening that we chose to come to Edinburgh when Sriman and Kiran had a day off on Monday due to the Bank holiday. So we got to spend good time together on Sunday and Monday. Sunday is the day that … Read more

Riding with an original PedalYatri 

He was my first employer in Chennai, just after Krishnan and I got married. His brother was Krishnan’s batch mate during the MILT Leadership course. We have attended his wedding too…. Yes, Saify is a very dear friend. Only yesterday we discovered his passion for cycling.  Saify and we lost contact when we moved out … Read more

Life lessons on a bike – Headwinds and tailwinds :)

Today we are in Coimbatore at my cousin Rohini’s house. Since we reached quite early last afternoon, we were well rested and decided to go for our morning ride. We started at about 5.50 am and got onto the Avinashi Road that just keeps going all the way till Avinashi which is about 50 to … Read more