Calendars and Quotations

In 1995, we were running a computer centre in Madras (now, Chennai). I had a huge fascination for perpetual calendars with a quotation for everyday and I got one made as a “giveaway”. When the business folded up, I kept some of these perpetual calendars with us and over these […]

Batch Processing Groceries

When I worked with Aon Hewitt, I had a team led by Amit Gautam that did “batch processing”. While I understood the work they did, I couldn’t use the concept in my daily life till more recently. For the past three to four months, I have been doing batch processing […]

Ah the full Moon !!

Like many people I am charmed by the full moon … I have written poetry about the full moon, I have spent many nights as a young girl, just watching the moon from my window. I didn’t know today was a full moon night. Krishnan and I just stepped out […]

Tuesday focusĀ 

Hopefully you had a good Monday and here’s another fresh day for you to do some more meaningful work. Please take a couple of deep breaths … More oxygen helps your brain think better. Today, focus on “fillers”. In a work day when you aren’t meeting your customers, your team […]