An Appeal – Koorainadu Sarees

Koorainadu Cooptex

There is a special 40% discount on the Koorainadu sarees. Please do buy one of these gorgeous beauties and help the weavers who came back to weaving it.


Growing up Mom #5

My father gave Mom a name – “Ba-Tu-Ta”, naming her after the great Chinese traveller who came to India during the reign of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. Amma’s name though is an acronym – “Ba” is written as “Pa” in Tamil script, the alphabet for Pa and Ba being the same and the context decides the … Read more Growing up Mom #5

A true “Kalam”kari..

I have always been fascinated with Kalamkari sarees, but I didn’t know someone who could source a genuine pen (kalam) Kalamkari. I bought my first Kalamkari saree at the Hyderabad airport as we went for our Cambodia trip in 2014, but that was block printed. Then I got a screen printed one which I didn’t … Read more A true “Kalam”kari..

Book Review #1/50 – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

On our way back to the airport from our reunion on Nov 24, 2018 Amit mentioned this book about de-cluttering to Vandana and I. We then spoke about our habits of keeping our places clean and I mentioned how I try and only replace sarees rather than adding to my collection. I bought the book … Read more Book Review #1/50 – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

When the “twines” met !

I have worn sarees almost everyday since I started working in 1989. I became a part of few sari forums in 2016 and suddenly realised that just being an ill-informed sari addict was not good enough ! So now I know that I am wearing a Chinnalampati tie&dye silk-cotton sari as I write this blog … Read more When the “twines” met !

Co-opted by Co-optex !

This is my first Co-optex sari … All thanks to Venkatesh Narasimhan, the one man who is making a huge difference to this 80 year old organization. I had written about What one man can do and it’s truly amazing to see how he is changing an organization and by extension reviving interest in saris.  This sari … Read more Co-opted by Co-optex !