Scotland Day 3 & 4 – Swimming, Cycling, Ice Cream and Fireworks!!

Aug 26th (Sun) and Aug 27th (Mon) 2018 – Edinburgh It was completely a chance happening that we chose to come to Edinburgh when Sriman and Kiran had a day off on Monday due to the Bank holiday. So we got to spend good time together on Sunday and Monday. Sunday is the day that … Read more

Letters to the PM – 2. I dream of the autobahn 

Dear ModiJi,  Yesterday while driving from Sagar to Hyderabad, we thanked your government profusely, because the terrible stretches of “no road” between Nagpur and Adilabad have all been relaid and now a MIG can land there too … Just that the pilot has to be more experienced as the roads are winding :). It’s proof … Read more