Ricotta or Paneer?

We love watching Masterchef Australia and in one of the episodes, a participant made Ricotta cheese. It looked a lot like how we make paneer or cottage cheese at home. I looked up the all knowing Google on how to make Ricotta Cheese and it said I should use full cream milk and lightly heat … Read more Ricotta or Paneer?


Cook Anywhere.. Thank You OPOS, Induction Stove and AirBnB

This post is specially dedicated to my childhood friend Adeeti… She wanted to know how we manage to travel with our kitchen. This post is also a way of thanking three innovators who made cooking while travelling so easy. With us being vegetarians, these innovations have made it even more easy for us to eat … Read more Cook Anywhere.. Thank You OPOS, Induction Stove and AirBnB

A month of “home cooked” food

I joined the “weight loss” program of the Sivananda Yoga centre in Gurgaon on Sept 20th. While I know everything about losing weight, but I know nothing about sustaining the weight loss :):). And I have always been a fan of Yoga because it’s a system that’s thousands of years old and just by that … Read more A month of “home cooked” food