Growing up Mom – #1

About a week back, I got Amma to write the following and sign it. Its written in Tamil and it means that my mother promises not to wash clothes by hand from Dec 21st till Jan 12th. šŸ™‚ I got it posted in my maternal family’s whatsapp group and all my cousins have been calling … Read more Growing up Mom – #1

One from my trousseau….

In August 1990, I went with Krishnan and my mom-in-law to a sari store in Chetpet called Varadarams. On the way there, Krishnan braked suddenly at the traffic signal in front of Pachayappas college and the bike fell sideways. I sat on the road. Neither one of us was hurt, but a few students from … Read more One from my trousseau….

The Privileged Perspective

I read a FB post by the well known handloom aficionado Laila Tyabji and it did piss me off. I have always looked forward to her sari posts because she has an enviable collection and most times I find her views on other topics very balanced and wonderfully worded. Today’s post was wonderfully worded but … Read more The Privileged Perspective

The wedding saris – 1

Sorry folks, especially Swapna, for this late post on Gayatri’s wedding saris. This is in continuation of theĀ Sangeet SariĀ post a couple of days back. For Gayatri’s wedding, I had taken along a gorgeous Benarasi silk. Since April 2nd was also the World Autism day and Jaishree from our W3-Women Weave World group inspired us to … Read more The wedding saris – 1

A cotton, tussar and a Kanchi “Pattu”

These are some of the interesting saris that I wore in the last few weeks .. First one is a Pune sari, apparently worn by fisherwomen. Its cotton and has these beautiful checks ! I bought it in July 2015 when we were in Pune. Its from a shop called Poona Saree Centre and the … Read more A cotton, tussar and a Kanchi “Pattu”

Satya Paul on a train and a bus !

I love some of Satya Paul’s sarees … The designs are beautiful. I said some because I don’t like the bling work. I like embroidery and classy bling (less is classy) but for some reason many of his saris have too much bling work done on them. I buy the Satya Paul sarees only during … Read more Satya Paul on a train and a bus !