Budhwar & Amma’s favorite Colour Green

Wednesday or Budhwar is dedicated to planet Mercury. In Tamil we say Budhan Kizhamai, and Budhan denotes planet Mercury. Like I wrote yesterday there is no north/south divide in India except in the minds of politicians and anti-India forces.

Budhwar is also Bhagwan Ganesha’s day. The planet Mercury and Ganesha both are worshipped for knowledge, astrology, Maths, Music and Language Skills. The colour of the day is Green.

My mother’s favourite colour is green. Nearly every saree of hers is green. Coincidentally, exactly a year after the lockdown on March 22, 2021 Amma got the first dose of the vaccine. She wore her favourite green coloured saree.

Budhwar - Green
Amma in the Ayiram Butta (1000 Butta) Saree from Cooptex

For Diwali 2020, I got Amma another green saree from Cooptex, a Dindigul cotton.

Budhwar - Green
Amma in a Green Dindigul Cotton Saree from Cooptex on Diwali day 2020.

Durva Grass or Arugampul and Ganesha

According to our scriptures, while fighting a demon, Ganesha swallows him. He ended up with a burning sensation in his stomach. Ganesha ate 21 blades of the Durva grass as suggested by the sages and he immediately felt better. During Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesha is decorated with the Durva grass Mala (string).

The Arugampul or Durva Grass is drought resistant. It is used in Ayurveda to treat acidity and several other ailments. This grass is also known as Bermuda Grass or Dog’s tooth grass. I have seen dogs eat this grass when they aren’t feeling too good. They chew this grass, throw up and get better. 😃 Smart dogs !

Durva Grass or Arugampul or Bermuda Grass

In keeping with the green theme we had green English cucumbers for salad during lunch. I also got a few twigs of Moringa leaves to make a “Kootu” (lentil curry) tomorrow. Moringa is slowly gaining entry into the superfood category. For South Indians, it will remain a staple as always … Drumstick Sambar, the leaves made into curries or eaten with another vegetable.

Cucumber Green
Mooring leaves - Green
Mooring Leaves – Murunga Elai.

How could I not share pictures of my favourite Peelamedu Anjaneyar wearing green !! My elder brother, Narayana Bhattar’s alankaram is awesome as always.

Peelamedu Anjaneyar - Budhwar
Peelamedu Hanuman with Betel leaves alankaram (left) and Tulasi alankaram (right)

There are so many green super foods – Betel Leaves, Moringa, Tulasi, Spinach and all the green leafy vegetables…

For Indians, the colour Green has a special place in our hearts – our Tiranga has green 🇮🇳 and our Army uniform is dark green. Jai Hind. Jai Hind Ki Sena.

Hope your Budhwar was wonderful and tomorrow we will discover everything about Guruwar or Brihaspatiwar dedicated to planet Jupiter !

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