My Mother…

Mother and I

Dearest Amma, Today is your death anniversary. It’s now three years since you left this world on the day chosen by you. Though you have left, we are full of memories…of the extraordinary life and times that we were together. Amma, if we have to describe you in words, they would be…selfless, giving, disciplined, full … Read more My Mother…

A “decent cake” on your 50th

The huge surprise was spoiled because of you knowing me well enough and that blasted intuition of yours but atleast it was a surprise dear Hareesh !! I don’t remember who introduced us in Pace Elcot way back in 1991 … I think it was during the lunch break that Babu Chitappa (Mr. Chari) who … Read more A “decent cake” on your 50th

49th birthday … the calm after the storm !

On 6th April, I turned 49. The day started with Yoga and a walk… and then a deluge of wishes starting with Nachi and Kousalya’s call early in the morning. Then the KV Happy Valley gang called on top of each other.. Adeeti, Javed and Hemamalini’s (Geetu) calls overlapped :). Finally at 10 am I … Read more 49th birthday … the calm after the storm !

Happy 80th Appa

Dear Appa, Happy birthday ! If you had been around we would have made a big deal of this birthday as you turn 80 … we could have done your “Sathabhishekam”. Well, some other lifetime maybe. For today, we celebrated with your favourite food – the “poli”. I was trying to find some of the … Read more Happy 80th Appa

The fire is gone… the Firebrand spirit lives on 

We were to return to Gurgaon from Hyderabad on Sunday, June 4th, but our program changed since we had to get the car serviced one more time and had some more people to meet in Hyderabad. We decided to leave on Wed, June 7th. I started to pack on the 6th and realised that for … Read more The fire is gone… the Firebrand spirit lives on 

Happy birthday Appa !

Dearest Appa, Its your 79th birthday and we celebrated it by eating your favourite “bitter gourd” (karela) sambar and some chocolates. Amma refused to eat the “Jimikand subzi” that she had made and ate the rice with her favourite “mixture”. I have to tell you that she has become quite militant and doesn’t listen to … Read more Happy birthday Appa !