New age feudalism

The India government in a rather unpopular move abolished the privy purse in 1971. Basically it was free money being given to the erstwhile royal families who agreed to merge with the Indian Union in 1947. Then there was the Zamindari system which was also about land owners (aristocrats) and […]

Diversity … Do we really want it ?

Our recent trip to Cambodia made us realise that the whole world only talks of “diversity” and how wonderful it is to have diverse cultures, customs and people. We actually crave for “similarity”. Just think of the genocides that have happened in the concentration camps and during the Pol Pot […]

Pradhan Sewak – Servant Leadership

Our Prime Minister started his speech yesterday by calling himself “Pradhan Sewak” not “Pradhan Mantri”. “Pradhan Sewak” means Prime Servant and “Pradhan Mantri” means Prime Minister. Now, this man is a politician and some may just call this a clever use of words. But there is a ring of sincerity […]

Going dimensions

I was at the Nasscom HR summit that took place in Chennai on July 23 and 24. On the first day, I was underwhelmed and thought maybe I should not have stayed back for this event. But I was so wrong !! Every seminar, event that Nasscom does, there is […]

Values alignment

Yesterday I was the guest speaker at one of our internal training programs and the discussion was on values. I find the topic fascinating and very meaningful. While preparing for the session, I was looking at two separate public incidents both involving disasters. One, the recent MH 17 crash due […]

Extra Time victory !

Congratulations to Germany for having won the Football World Cup. I don’t watch football and the only interest I had in this world cup was the fact that it was hosted in Brazil and some games were played in Belo Horizonte, the city we had visited as part of our […]

Are you engaged ?

The most abused word after “leader” in the corporate world is “engagement”. Every team, every firm, every manager is tasked with it and elaborate plans are made each year to get colleagues engaged because all studies by every known, unknown expert says engaged employees are the most productive. And that […]