Reason, Season or Lifetime ?

Long before the social media era, when email was the only means of communication, someone forwarded this note to me and the message stuck with me. The link to this message is – Here’s the screenshot –   Its a beautiful message … some people come into your life for a reason, some for a … Read more Reason, Season or Lifetime ?


Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita #41 – Mine or For me

Chapter 2, Verses 66 and 67 नास्ति बुद्धिरयुक्तस्य न चायुक्तस्य भावना | न चाभावयत: शान्तिरशान्तस्य कुत: सुखम् || 66|| nāsti buddhir-ayuktasya na chāyuktasya bhāvanā na chābhāvayataḥ śhāntir aśhāntasya kutaḥ sukham na—not; asti—is; buddhiḥ—intellect; ayuktasya—not united; na—not; cha—and; ayuktasya—not united; bhāvanā—contemplation; na—nor; cha—and; abhāvayataḥ—for those not united; śhāntiḥ—peace; aśhāntasya—of the unpeaceful; kutaḥ—where; sukham—happiness Translation : But an … Read more Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita #41 – Mine or For me

“மெர்சல்” Mersal, “மிரட்டல்” Mirattal, “முட்டாள்” Muttaal

For the past ten days, TamilNadu has been in the news, for what is happening or not happening to “Mersal”, the movie. Mersal means anger, fear.. basically disillusionment. So Mersal was being displayed by all the parties involved – Joseph Vijay the actor, his dad, the director Atlee, all other actors especially the ones who … Read more “மெர்சல்” Mersal, “மிரட்டல்” Mirattal, “முட்டாள்” Muttaal

Please mind the gap!

I am currently reading this awesome book by Marshall Goldsmith called “Triggers”. Its triggering a whole lot of ideas in my mind and adding a lot of value to my coaching practice. Who better to learn from than the master coach himself !! One of the things that Marshall Goldsmith speaks about in the book … Read more Please mind the gap!

Aam to “khas” hug !

Research says hugging is great for health.. Don’t believe me ? Read this article 7reasons why we should be giving more hugs. In the whole world today, there is one man who is an exception to this research :). You guessed it right, our dearly beloved Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal. One hug of his has sworn … Read more Aam to “khas” hug !

The Godly people and heaven was left behind at 12 noon

It took me a few minutes to register that this was the “modern” road wink and it was directed at me …. The man in question could have been my son or was atleast 15 years younger than me and he blinked his bike’s headlights on an empty road at 8.30 am when Krishnan, mom … Read more The Godly people and heaven was left behind at 12 noon

A fist out of water …. After 11.5 years

Today was my last day at Aon Hewitt… after eleven and half years. Just feels like leaving home for the first time and you leave your home for studying further or joining a new job or you get married – well, this time its none of the above, except in a way, I am leaving to … Read more A fist out of water …. After 11.5 years

Special people of Cambodia :)

Our ten days In Cambodia brought back our faith in humanity … We have such scant regard for human life in India and everyday news makes one quite cynical that it was refreshing to get a lesson in forgiveness and see good people. Cambodia had one of the worst chapters of genocide in the world … Read more Special people of Cambodia 🙂