Soap operas don’t make good governments !

My sympathies for those who voted for a TV channel to become the Delhi Government … And remember I did hope sincerely for Arvind to do well. Here’s my blog the day AAP won Delhi bewitched .. The broom sweeps Am pasting a picture of my last paragraph again from that blog –     Well, Arvind … Read more

The quest for comfort

When a baby leaves the mother’s womb, it’s uncomfortable and there starts our quest for comfort. Babies are cute and cry to ensure they are made comfortable and fed when hungry. The habit continues with every new generation of parents making life more comfortable for their children than what their parents did for them. The … Read more

Pools of competency, incompetency

As the appraisal season is on us, I was wondering about the bell curve, the high potentials and this whole angst ridden process. Ideally every team should have people with different competencies, abilities and attitudes. Overlay this with two other concepts – you hire people like yourselves and birds of a feather flock together. What … Read more

Split personality – public success, private hell

I actually wanted to write about Clive Lloyd’s tactics for building great teams and started reading about his achievements and success as the West Indies captain… While reading about him, I stumbled upon the news of his divorce and the bitter outpouring from his wife of 37 years. Then I switched on the television and … Read more