Sunshine Lunch

When I met him for the first time, I knew I was meeting a good human being… There was just no doubt in my mind, even though I was a little irritated with something that he was about to do :):). And that has been the pattern ever since. 

Then as I met more of his team, I realised here is a true blue “people manager”. We struggle to teach new managers how to connect and here was someone who connected so well, that anyone quitting his team would actually cry – they would leave because they got a better job, but they would cry because they wouldn’t get a nicer manager than Amit. 

Amit has this 1000 watt smile on his face everyday even when it’s raining escalations and other problems … He will fix them, intelligently somehow, sometimes in your way, sometimes in his way and sometimes through a mix of ways. If he doesn’t know something and you are his manager, he will try not to show that he doesn’t know, but eventually he will tell you the truth. Amit and the truth are never far apart because he has a mustard sized ego, he will stumble, he will make mistakes, he will grumble, but he will never cheat. 

Yesterday finally we had the chance to have lunch at his place and yes, worry not, his mother had prepared awesome Himachali food. I don’t know how Amit managed to stay out of her way, but she is his mom, so she knows how to deal with him :). Surprisingly, he didn’t break anything while we were there. He tried hard, and thank God, all glasses, bowls and plates remained safe. He tried convincing Krishnan about mixing two dishes and trying that combo… That didn’t happen too. :):)

Watching his mother, you realise that all his goodness and his giving heart comes from her. I don’t know where he inherits his other special qualities from .. His driving with “Mann Ki Aankhen”(eyes closed and driving with his heart), or his insistence on removing the plant that blocked his view in my room (he was worried I was watching movies at work I guess), or driving his car onto the sidewalk or the best one …taking his mom to see the Taj Mahal, on a Friday (weekly off)… Special qualities that Jyotsna has a name for. But that is for Jo to say – I don’t want to instigate a fight between good friends :):):).

I call Amit Sunshine because however upset you are, whatever is not working, you see that 1000 watt smile and you feel like there is so much goodness in this world, it’s worth fixing the few things that are wrong with it. 

Congratulations Amit Gautam on your promotion, but for all of us who know you, it’s a privilege and a promotion to know you and work with you. Ok, only so long as you don’t get that mischievous glint in your eyes ! Be who you are and light up a million hearts – there are many of the serious, proper types but they don’t bring Sunshine to work. 

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  1. Amit was a great source of strength for me during my 3 month stay in Chennai. Away from family, it was a tough time and his pleasant energy, sunshine smile helped a great deal. I would say that his biggest asset is his humility and despite all the success he remains grounded. Congratulations Amit. 🙂


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