The Lala in the cabin

Yesterday there was a buzz in the TV channels about the Congress party meeting where it was expected that Rahul Rajiv was supposed to be made the President and the “vice” dropped from his designation. Well there is a popular saying in Sanskrit which says “Vinashakale Vipareeta Buddhi”, the English […]

The quest for comfort

When a baby leaves the mother’s womb, it’s uncomfortable and there starts our quest for comfort. Babies are cute and cry to ensure they are made comfortable and fed when hungry. The habit continues with every new generation of parents making life more comfortable for their children than what their […]

The surfers

Hahahahahahahaha …it’s not laughter therapy but just thinking of the number of times I was fooled by the “surfers” makes me laugh. No I don’t mean the real “surfers” who use a surfboard and ride the waves – those guys are doing what they love, are having fun and are […]

Silent ? Are you disengaged ?

There are several attempts in many organizations to improve the engagement scores and get into the best employer top ranges. The intention is great but the way we choose to improve is deeply flawed. Just as free and fair elections are critical in a democracy, the engagement surveys have to […]

Fear of failure

Twenty four years back, I attended the first MILT convention at Bangalore, called “Sangam”. Krishnan and I had been married a few months then, and (late) Reddy’s wedding gift was our trip to Bangalore and attending the convention. There were several technical papers presented and one of them was on […]

Pretending to be asleep …

There is a saying in almost every culture that says “you can wake up the one who is sleeping, but never the one who is pretending to be asleep”… I find several examples of this in the corporate world and it’s actually a demotivating and disengaging behaviour. An example of […]

Controlled Access

For long I have held the belief that you control access to your heart … Not let everyone hurt you, not let everyone walk all over you because we accept the negative things people say about us so much more easily than the positive. While the praise sticks, when someone […]