A fist out of water …. After 11.5 years

Today was my last day at Aon Hewitt… after eleven and half years. Just feels like leaving home for the first time and you leave your home for studying further or joining a new job or you get married – well, this time its none of the above, except in a way, I am leaving to … Read more

Actions speak louder than words !!

The three most discussed news in the media today are – President Obama’s visit, Delhi elections and Mr. Jaishankar being made the Foreign Secretary. President Obama by accepting the invitation to be the chief guest at the Republic Day parade clearly indicated America’s heightened interest in India. No amount of tweeting and blogs and newspaper … Read more

The Lala in the cabin

Yesterday there was a buzz in the TV channels about the Congress party meeting where it was expected that Rahul Rajiv was supposed to be made the President and the “vice” dropped from his designation. Well there is a popular saying in Sanskrit which says “Vinashakale Vipareeta Buddhi”, the English translation would be “when bad … Read more

The quest for comfort

When a baby leaves the mother’s womb, it’s uncomfortable and there starts our quest for comfort. Babies are cute and cry to ensure they are made comfortable and fed when hungry. The habit continues with every new generation of parents making life more comfortable for their children than what their parents did for them. The … Read more

Silent ? Are you disengaged ?

There are several attempts in many organizations to improve the engagement scores and get into the best employer top ranges. The intention is great but the way we choose to improve is deeply flawed. Just as free and fair elections are critical in a democracy, the engagement surveys have to be without negative consequences. I … Read more