True ! … Health is wealth

On Thursday last week, I was in Bangalore and went out with the team to have lunch. On the way from a client meeting I saw “Pind Balluchi” at Garuda Mall and since am a regular at their Gurgaon restaurant, I thought the team would enjoy the food there. So […]

Dellnuts :)

I worked with Spectramind from 2001 to 2003… And the team I had there remained mostly unchanged for the duration I spent with the operations team. I had named the team “crazy” because we were crazy ! Then Peter came along and renamed the team to “Dellnuts” and the name […]

Fair or unfair ?

In the corporate world there is one constant feedback for many managers – that he/she is unfair. Let’s remember that fairness is not objective. It’s subjective and each person’s sense of fairness is different. Then how does one treat everyone fairly and appear to have treated everyone fairly ? Look […]

Dealing with criticism

Winston Churchill had a framed copy of this quote on the wall of his study – “If I were to try to read, much less to answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I […]

Feedback is a gift

I had a leader once who never took feedback from me and one other peer of mine in the entire time that he managed us … Because we both had nearly as much experience as him and most importantly he didn’t “like” us. While many years have gone by this […]

A day without fans …

Imagine a day that you need to spend in the summer of Delhi without fans… hot and terrible. And you don’t have the option of cooling yourself with an airconditioner either. What would you do ?Struggle and be in pain, right? Then why do we think that a day in […]

Likes and dislikes …

Abraham Lincoln is a great man and will probably remain a great man for many many centuries for just this one quality – his ability to separate his like or dislike for a person to influence his judgement of his competence. There is probably no other President in American history […]