Dosa Tikki – A Fun Snack !

I had some leftover masala from when we made Masala Dosa and I had some leftover Kofta dough made out of white pumpkin (Safed Petha). So I decided to mix the two, adjust the salt and spices to our taste and made them into tikkis/cutlets using the dosa batter. A total fun snack..

Amma was unhappy as I started making it because she thought it would stick to the Tawa and not cook well. She liked it when she tasted it though. I made small thick cutlets, and smeared them with homemade Sweet chutney (Saunth) and topped it up with the ever favourite Bhujia. It looked a little like the Bread Chana Chaat that I had made a few weeks back, but taste completely different !

Snack - Dosa Tikki
Pour out a small portion and don’t spread it too thin. Turn it over once its nice and crisp on one side.
Snack - Dosa Tikki
Use sauce or sweet chutney and then top it up with Bhujia

Till life gets back to normal on Chaat Street :), this is a fun snack and its not junk food. You can do many variations – top it up with onions and Bhujia or just cheese and a spicy sauce. All of them would be tasty because the base is vegetables and dosa batter. What’s not to like in this ?

We are watching Masterchef Australia on Hotstar and this is pretty much what they do – change things around with a tasty base :). I only hear protein 🙄, ice cream, granita, sauce, curry and pasta/noodles. The fixation on protein is so high, its unbelievable. Food has to be like medicine – just right for your body type, tasty and not too heavy.

Simple logic – The longer food stays in your stomach, the sicker you get ! And all non-vegetarian food takes a longer time to digest. In Season 12 there was at least an attempt at vegetarian fare, with one episode being all vegan. Haven’t seen that happen in this season. Anyway, that’s a blog topic for another day.

#SayNoToJunkFood #EatHealthy

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    • Sure Sir. I like Pete. He is very grounded and cooks really well. Will check out this episode. Probably an earlier episode. We got Hotstar only in May – so missed the initial part 😊.


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