The Cow Ghee Conundrum

For the past few years the most feared item on the Indian menu for the weight watchers, Ghee, has made a huge comeback. The comeback has been with a rider that one should only eat A2 cow ghee. I was not aware of any dairy farm in India where the original “desi” cows were not … Read more

Milk Stories – Mother Dairy, Arokya, Chitale Bandhu

When we first came to Delhi in 1997, I discovered Mother Dairy milk. We lived in Patparganj, right behind the Mother Dairy factory and there was a vending machine in the small market behind our society flat. I couldn’t get over how tasty the milk was and especially the one that we got from the … Read more

Milk, Butter, Memories and plastic

During summer holidays we would visit both my paternal and maternal grandparents. At my paternal grandmother’s place, they had cows at home and the milk would be heated in a heavy bottomed pan throughout the day as coffee was made or people drank milk. At night, my grandmother would scrape the bottom of that pan … Read more