Milk, Butter, Memories and plastic

During summer holidays we would visit both my paternal and maternal grandparents. At my paternal grandmother’s place, they had cows at home and the milk would be heated in a heavy bottomed pan throughout the day as coffee was made or people drank milk. At night, my grandmother would scrape […]

Missing “Jersey”

I have never liked milk much, except a little for tea and coffee and on rare occasions a chocolate milkshake or cold coffee. I was a die-hard fan of Mother Dairy milk so much so that I would keep cribbing in Bangalore and Chennai about the quality of milk at […]

I won’t eat this curd … 

Dear Appa, Yesterday I made the mistake of using up all the curds that Amma had made for Lassi in the afternoon, but I was planning on buying more curd today and stock up. You remember the Vyapar Kendra Mother Dairy milk booth ? It’s atleast 1.5 kms away. Amma […]