Yeh Kaali Kaali Zulfen …

After nearly 15 years I am reminded of the Baazigar song “Yeh Kaali Kaali Zulfen” because I have jet black hair again !! Am one of those people who started greying young, in my thirties. I thought it was the best opportunity for me to experiment with colour. While I didn’t get the rainbow effect, I went through the whole range of reds and browns in L’Oreal Excellence and Casting Colour.

For many years I had dark purple hair. Then the whole year of 2016 I went without colouring my hair. I loved my salt and pepper look but a woman with grey hair immediately is considered “old”. More than what people thought, I started thinking of myself as being old and I let my health slide. I gained weight, had aches and pains which I have described in detail in other posts :):) and overall it just didn’t work for me. I’ll spare you the calculation – am 52 years old.

I went back to Excellence and Casting Colour. The phase of all natural hair products was during 2019. I stopped the chemical hair colour and experimented with organic Henna and Indigo. Steadily my hair looked like straw and the whole laborious process of two step colouring wore me down. I just went back to my chemical hair colour ! Hairy Tales – From Hair-dye to Henna and back !

The find of this decade

In Jan 2021, I became a part of the FB page named Living Without Medicine. Then I became a member of their WhatsApp group. Venutha Chanagiri posted about her Organic hair colour that didn’t have henna but many other herbs in the WhatsApp group. There were glowing testimonials on her website I decided to try out this hair.

Kaali Kaali Vrudhi
Left most pic is of my hair before applying the Vrudhi hair colour, the right most pic is after. I didn’t want my entire hair to be black so just applied it on top of my head.

My chemically treated hair became jet black like it used to be …. my mother is overjoyed that I finally got out of all these myriad colours and got my hair back to its natural colour.

Vrudhi Naturals hair colour is the discovery of the decade for me. I certainly think Vrudhi Hair Colour will be a disruptor in the hair colour market. Its SOOOOOOO easy to apply. Just add water and make a paste. Apply it using a hair dye brush or use your hands but with gloves. Leave it on for just 20 minutes and wash it off.

I bought a 50 gm packet and there is still more than half of it left after I have used it twice.

Kaali Kaali - Vrudhi
The 50 gm Natural hair colour packet from Vrudhi Naturals

I used it again today and here is my beautiful Kaali Kaali Zulfen !

Kaali Kaali - Vrudhi

I love the fact that my hair is nicely conditioned and hasn’t dried out. Also I plan on keeping the multicolour streaks as they are, because I love them too !

You can use this hair colour frequently without fear of any adverse reaction. Your hair becomes soft and nicely conditioned and of course turns jet black.

Happy Holi folks … the Vrudhi Organic Hair Colour is a keeper. Highly recommended.

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