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Organic Grapes
Organic Grapes from Farmer Uncle


I have always loved them, right from my childhood. Every summer vacation was always spent in Villupuram, a town in Tamil Nadu, and the place where my paternal aunts lived. One of our aunts would always take us to the fruit shop owned by Perumal, at least twice a week. Perumal, the fruit shop owner, was a kind and compassionate man. Because our aunts were his regular customers, he would speak to us and enquire about our school and how long we are going to be in town etc. My eyes were always fixated on the grapes, both the green and black varieties. Perumal will always let us taste a few of them. I can still remember the outstanding taste. We would always buy some grapes for us to eat later at home. I have always had very fond memories of grapes. I would regularly drink grape juice too at some of the shops close to our house and near my school in George Town, Chennai. I loved the grape juice because it was always chilled and may be because of the added sugar.

Fast forward to the last few years. Thanks to Vijaya Mami and her insistence on having fruits as an essential/integral part of our daily life for the benefits they bring to our bodies, we again started eating lots of fruits. Besides the other fruits, every time grapes were in season, Bindu would buy them. In the last ten years though, despite washing and cleaning the grapes thoroughly, the pesticide residue couldn’t be washed away resulting in my throwing up a couple of times. As we were not sure about the quality of the grapes (chemical and pesticide residues) that were being delivered to us, we completely stopped buying them.

Enter Farmer Uncle that started delivering organic fruits in Gurgaon. We started buying grapes from them besides the other fruits and Wowwww! what a taste. Initially we were cautious given my recent history of throwing up, but once we realised that they had no chemical residue, I could enjoy them, like before.

Today I am grateful to Farmer Uncle for bringing my favourite fruit, grapes, back into my life.

No more sour, chemical laden grapes but SUPER grapes.

#Fruits #Organic #SayNoToPesticides

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