Lipstick – After a Decade+

The only “makeup” item I loved to use was Lipstick. I use the Kajal everyday but its not a makeup item for me. It helps to keep my eyes safe and I recently realised that its a part of the Ayurvedic Dincharya. Besides the Kajal and Bindi, I don’t use any other makeup item.

We lived in Dehu Road for the first 11 years of my life and I distinctly remember Appa had a whole wall covered with pictures of Gods and Goddesses. We didn’t have a Puja room but the house had three large rooms and they were used as a dining-cum-puja room, living room and bedroom. There was a large photo of Krishna and I would keep trying to get the lipstick off and apply it on my lips.

Ofcourse it was a photo and I could never get it off. Every time Amma would get Beetroot, I would apply it over my lips and enjoy temporary lipstick 😁.

As an adult I started using lipstick a couple of years after we got married and continued using it for a long time, till my friend Hareesh told me that Monkeys were force fed lipstick to check for toxicity.

I immediately stopped wearing lipstick and could never try it on without remembering what Hareesh said. Even though several cosmetic manufacturers mention that their products are free from animal testing, I always had a lurking doubt.

Mani Ji and Sattva Pure Lipstick

I got introduced to Mani Ji through the Living Without Medicine forum. I first started buying her natural soaps that not only look beautiful but are safe for the environment and your skin. Then she launched a face and body cream that’s simply out of this world.

Recently Mani Ji launched lipsticks in three colours. I immediately bought them.

Wore lipstick after a decade+ a couple of days back. We had to meet one of our sponsors at a partner’s office and I got quite a few compliments that I was looking good. I did mention that its probably because of the lipstick !!

The colour that I am using in the picture is Nude Brown.

Do get your “organic” safe lipsticks and other cosmetics from Sattva Pure. Contact Mani Ji @98187 75321.

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