Illupai Poo Samba Rice

Am sure most of the readers of my blog haven’t heard of this rice variety – Illupai Poo Samba. I hadn’t heard of it till Rathi of Ayull Agro told me about it. Illupai Poo is Mahua flowers and the rice has a faint fragrance resembling the Mahua flowers !!

Illupai Poo
Illupai Poo Samba Rice – Raw rice variety that’s pale green in colour

Am actually fascinated with the amount of variety that we had in India, in terms of rice, lentils, flavours and spices !! Ever since I became a part of the Living Without Medicine group, I have been finding these ancient grains that are not only nutritious but help with specific ailments even.

The variety in our land is mind boggling. To think that we are ready to adopt a “bread-butter-jam” or cereal-out-of-a-box breakfast when surrounded by so many healthier options is also mind boggling. I love bread. I like cereal as a snack once a year …. but I ain’t eating that every single day.

Illupai Poo Samba Rice Benefits

This rice helps with boosting general immunity. So go for it during these stressful times. It prevents paralysis, helps with arthritis, inflammation of the joints and diabetes control. Wow ! The thing is, we city dwellers have moved far away from our traditional food.

The traditional Indian food was seasonal, local and had enough variety to get all the nutrients and micronutrients that a human body required. The quest for perfect looking “white” rice , “white” teeth, “white” rotis has led to all kinds of lifestyle diseases. Return to our roots and eat seasonal, local food to remain healthy.

Illupai Poo Samba
Illupai Poo Samba after cooking. It cooks like any other hand pounded raw rice with ratio of 1:2 rice: water.

We watched an episode of Neeya Naana yesterday that was on street food of TamilNadu. Am disappointed and deeply worried that the youth in Chennai neither know which item comes from where, and most have moved towards “meat” in a big way. Very sad that local delicacies didn’t come up for the discussion.

In an earlier episode it was all about the Biriyani craze. Again, I love Biriyani but my young friends in Chennai should read a thread by True Indology on the origins of Biriyani and anything in moderation is absolutely fine. Eating Biriyani everyday is a health disaster 😞.

Enjoy traditional varieties of rice and wheat. Eat local and Eat seasonal to stay healthy.

#GoOrganic and yes, #GoVegetarian.

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