The Cow Ghee Conundrum

For the past few years the most feared item on the Indian menu for the weight watchers, Ghee, has made a huge comeback. The comeback has been with a rider that one should only eat A2 cow ghee. I was not aware of any dairy farm in India where the original “desi” cows were not … Read more

Responsibility of consequences

One of my PGPMAX batchmates forwarded this message on our whatsapp group and I laughed, enjoyed the joke, but also realised we get conned so easily. Even the well educated, urban folks get taken in by a nicely worded, well presented advertisement. Hats off to the advertiser’s creativity and very dear friends of ours are … Read more

I help unleash your potential – what do you do ?

I love advertisements, because they are a few seconds in length and creatively manage to communicate their message. Some ofcourse fail to do that and are bad advertisements, but just the sheer creativity that goes into making advertisements is fascinating. I have channel hopped to catch adverts 🙂 and at work, I have insisted upon … Read more