Growing up Mom #3

Even without doing a past life regression session with Amma, am quite convinced that my mother was in the distribution business in some previous life :). And I will give proof from this life to support my hypothesis. Only after Appa passed away in 2008 did Amma start living with us and I noticed several … Read more Growing up Mom #3

Postcards from Joginder Nagar

Joginder Nagar is not touristy … It’s just a stopover location as one goes from Kullu or Mandi to Dharmshala or vice versa. We used it exactly for that purpose and stayed overnight on April 30th, on our way from Dalhousie to Kullu. But, the hotel surprised us and the views were worth staying a … Read more Postcards from Joginder Nagar

Oomda, Dalda, Vanaspati and Deez

Mom has a collection of Oomda, Dalda containers from nearly 40 years back. She gave me some when I got married and Krishnan managed to take the cover off one of them along with the neck 🙂 These are plastic containers. Oomda and Dalda were brands of Vanaspati or the now dreaded hydrogenated vegetable oil. … Read more Oomda, Dalda, Vanaspati and Deez

Missing those seedless grapes

Dad was posted in Dehu Road from 1968 to 1980 … So my first eleven years were spent there. I went back with Krishnan in 2007 to see my first school, Garrison Convent and then to the Kendriya Vidyalaya. What special days they were … Eating Nathu’s Bajri roti and bartering mom’s Idlis for that. … Read more Missing those seedless grapes

Modern mom

Dear Appa, Do you recognize this lady ? Yes it is Amma, who is reading “Shakti Vikatan” on Krishnan’s iPad. Not just this, Krishnan has taught her how to send SMSes and everyday now she sends me a couple of text messages. She has figured out her own improvisation for words that she doesn’t know … Read more Modern mom