Daily Gratitude

Balloons over Cappadoccia, Gratitude

What are you grateful for today ? Am deeply grateful to Amma for the “good sleep” genes that she passed onto me.

Water Bottles from Muktinath

Today while cleaning the fridge, I took out these two 2-litre water bottles to clean and refill with water. These bottles are the only plastic bottles left with me as we have completely shifted to steel or copper bottles for storing water. These bottles are very special because we got them in Nepal in 2006, … Read more Water Bottles from Muktinath

A letter from Dad ..

Dear Appa, Yesterday while cleaning one of the drawers at home, I found a postcard from you … This was a letter you wrote me in 1989. You were posted in Vizag and I was in Hyderabad completing my degree from Wesley college. Amma was planning to come to Hyderabad on the 14th of Aug … Read more A letter from Dad ..

Cast Iron cookware, Coffee filter and an Anniversary

Dearest Appa, Today is Thiru Karthigai and its the 10th anniversary of your departure. We remembered you with some things that were very dear to you. Believe it or not, Amma made dosas on a cast iron tawa ! She has been making dosas on a cast iron tawa for the past week, ever since I … Read more Cast Iron cookware, Coffee filter and an Anniversary

London Day 5 – Calling on the Queen

Aug 20, 2018 – Monday We started really early to catch the Queen at Buckingham Palace. We were still late ! There were hordes of people outside the gates by 10.15 to watch the change of guard. We walked around a bit trying to find a good spot but they were hard to come by. … Read more London Day 5 – Calling on the Queen

Just enough … Waste not

The world is in a strange space – on one hand, you have millions dying of hunger, or living with malnutrition and on the other hand, we waste tonnes of food. Walk into an office cafeteria that has a lunch buffet or even a restaurant that has a buffet or the most notorious of all, … Read more Just enough … Waste not

The first Naga shawl

My father was posted in Shillong during 1980 to 1983. So we got to enjoy a beautiful Shillong before the hoards of Maruti cars took over Burra Bazaar. From Shillong, Appa would go to Tezpur, Zakhama, Bomdila and a few other places on temporary duty and Appa was a collector ! We have all sorts … Read more The first Naga shawl

Binaca Geetmala …

Dear Appa, Two days back it was the 9th year of your passing on …. and as it happens everyday, we were remembering many special moments with you. I was remembering your fascination for radios, tape recorders and VCRs. I still remember going one evening to the Secunderabad railway station and collecting that huge VCR … Read more Binaca Geetmala …

Happy birthday Appa !

Dearest Appa, Its your 79th birthday and we celebrated it by eating your favourite “bitter gourd” (karela) sambar and some chocolates. Amma refused to eat the “Jimikand subzi” that she had made and ate the rice with her favourite “mixture”. I have to tell you that she has become quite militant and doesn’t listen to … Read more Happy birthday Appa !