Save Osho Samadhi and Osho Ashram

Osho - Ashram and Samadhi

Do read and repost this blog with a letter to PM Modi Ji seeking his help to stop the sale of a portion of Osho’s ashram and Osho’s Samadhi. 🙏🏿

Solo Driver … Pune to Gurgaon

As many of you know, Krishnan had a health scare when we were in Pune in March. Initially the doctors advised him against driving, so we started looking at backup plans to drive the car back to Gurgaon. Subbu and Kabir offered to come over to Pune and drive the car back with me while … Read more

Butter – not the melting kind, a Pune special

Dearest Appa, This post has to be addressed to you because every time I eat a butter, I remember you and can almost hear you say “they use their feet to mix the dough, and maybe their sweat mixes with it or even worse, their snot”. It still didn’t stop me from loving this crisp … Read more