Thirupaavai Paasuram #7

Andal Thirupaavai - Paasuram #7

Thirupaavai Paasuram #7 is all about waking up another friend of Andal with a different set if examples. The Samudra Manthan is alluded to as well.

Butter – not the melting kind, a Pune special

Dearest Appa, This post has to be addressed to you because every time I eat a butter, I remember you and can almost hear you say “they use their feet to mix the dough, and maybe their sweat mixes with it or even worse, their snot”. It still didn’t stop me from loving this crisp … Read more

Milk, Butter, Memories and plastic

During summer holidays we would visit both my paternal and maternal grandparents. At my paternal grandmother’s place, they had cows at home and the milk would be heated in a heavy bottomed pan throughout the day as coffee was made or people drank milk. At night, my grandmother would scrape the bottom of that pan … Read more